And Sometimes you just Miss it, aka Be My Neighbor Block 4 Post and Other Serendipitous Craziness

be-my-neighbor-quiltShall I just cut to the chase here, Dear Blog Followers? It’s Monday at 5:10 PM here in Serendipity Woods and guess who just DID NOT get her Be My Neighbor Block done in time for today’s post? That would be ME…

What I can say is that even though my Block 4 block isn’t finished (Moda’s version is in the upper right corner – the yellow with the red roof), it’s been a productive several days for the shop, about which I’m eager to share – yet I’d rather be quick about getting the Block 4 blueprints into your hands so you can work on yours, while giving myself a little extra time to get my block done so I can then share IT, along with the rest of my Shop news in my next post. The Block 4 Blueprints:


Aside from that – I must beg your forgiveness for this lame-o post, and ask for a reprieve until next time to catch you up.  All that said – do feel welcome to tag me in your Block 4 post please! I’d love to see it and perhaps it will inspire me in my block creation!




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